Your Privacy and Confidentiality

What is confidentiality?

Confidentiality “implies a relationship between two or more persons in which the information communicated between them is to be kept in confidence.” (Australian Legal Dictionary)

Self Care Counselling respects your need for privacy and confidentiality, therfore we hold the utmost care and responsibility with any information you share with us with.
You can be rest assured that your need for privacy & confidentialty is a high priority with us.
Self Care Counselling must recieve authorised permission by the client to share information with other bodies.

Exceptions to the strict maintenance of confidentiality include:

1. Information that is shared during the therapists own clinical supervision
2. Provision of information to your referring medical general practitioner or psychaitirist
3. Disclosure of information to relevant persons or authorities if there is:

  •     Potential of serious physical danger to yourself or someone else
  •     Risk of child abuse
  •     An enquiry from a legal parent or guardian if the client is under 16 years of age
  •     Information legitimately subpoenaed by a court or otherwise authorised for release by law