Post Natal Depression Support Groups

At Self Care Counselling, we are passionate about supporting mothers through their experiences during pregnancy, as well as after the birth of their child.

We have designed a special program that aims to educate and support women through their challenging postnatal experiences.

Essentially, our program helps mothers:

  • Identify their symptoms and triggers
  • Explore their feelings and struggles in a safe non-judgmental environment
  • Share their experiences with other mothers going through similar challenges
  • Gain a better understanding of postnatal depression & how to overcome it
  • Incorporate coping and relaxation skills into their everyday lives
  • Explore motherhood myths and unrealistic expectations
  • Re-gain balance and harmony back into their lives


We understand that bringing a child into this world is a huge responsibility and can be overwhelming. You can never be sure what to expect during your pregnancy, labor or when your child is born.

Whether you have a toddler or a baby, whether you feel like you may just need some extra support or your really struggling, this group can help you re-discover yourself, your role as a parent as well as overcoming your obstacles.

At Self Care Counselling, we want to give you the opportunity to put yourself first. Our hope is that you walk away from this group feeling stronger, clearer and more self aware so you can be ready to face motherhood and your life again in a positive way.

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