Relationship Counselling

Sometimes we may get to a point in our relationship where we feel confused, worried or unsure about where our relationship is headed. Making the time to work on your relationship with a qualified therapist can give you and your partner the chance to openly explore and discuss any issues that are interfering or taking place in your relationship. Essentially, seeking counselling as a couple can be seen as making an investment in your relationship.

Are you experiencing:

  • Conflict in your relationship or marriage
  • Do you feel lonely, isolated or unheard
  • Has infidelity played a role in your relationship
  • Has there been a breach of trust
  • Is abuse or violence taking a part in your relationship
  • Do you feel unsure about what direction you and your partner are going in
  • Are you considering either a separation, divorce or ending your relationship
  • Is there an outside influence or other issues that are coming between you and your partner

Would you like:

  • To explore certain issues that are holding you and your partner back from having the best possible relationship
  • To have a better understanding of problems you may be facing as well as the effects these problems have on your relationship
  • A chance to openly discuss issues which you have not been able to discuss before due to worry, fear or shame
  • To explore what each individual is contributing to the relationship
  • To re-evaluate the things that are working and the things that are not
  • To experience more harmony and balance in your relationship
  • To clarify the meaning, hopes and intentions of your relationship