Prenatal & Postnatal Counselling

The preparation of a birth and starting a family is such an important time and sometimes can bring upon fear, anxiety and overwhelm in a mother. Each and every pregnancy and labor experience is unique, therefore mothers may be unsure what to expect, especially when the baby arrives. There can be a lot of pressure and unrealistic expectations put upon mothers and these factors can interfere immensely between a mother and her child. Reaching out for support and guidance through these challenging times can be extremely beneficial for mothers as it gives them a chance to reflect on their experience as a parent and help decipher between real and unrealistic expectations. It can also impact your entire family in a positive way, helping you to reconnect to the people that you love. Self Care Counselling is extremely passionate about helping mothers through their pregnancy and after the birth of their baby. We offer mums the support and skills they need to overcome their anxiety and depression as well as restoring harmony and balance back into your life and family.

Consider these factors:

  • Are you experiencing difficulty in the process of trying to concieve a baby
  • Are you experiencing a difficult pregnancy
  • Do you feel like you may need some support around your pregnancy
  • Are you feeling worried or fearful during your pregnancy
  • Are you trying to prepare yourself for birth and having a new baby
  • Have you been through a traumatic birth
  • Have you experienced the loss of a baby
  • Do you feel overwhelmed or unable to connect with your baby
  • Do you feel like your drowning in the responsibilities of motherhood
  • Do you think you may be experiencing Antenatal or Postnatal depression
  • Are you trying to find a balance between work and motherhood
  • Do you want to make more time for yourself but not sure how
  • Are you becoming triggered by your own experiences of your childhood now that you are a parent

Would you like:

  • Support through your process of trying to concieve your baby
  • Support during your pregnancy
  • To explore fears, worries or anxieties that you are facing during or after your birth
  • A chance to deal with any grief or loss you have experienced during your pregnancy or post labor
  • To have a better understanding of who you are as a mother and how your relationship with your own parents has influenced you
  • A chance to grieve and heal after a painful or traumatic event during or after your pregnancy