Family Counselling

Families are unique, dynamic and complex. In recent times there have been many factors that have influenced the way families bond and associate with one another. Technological advances and the fast pace of life have had a significant impact on the way family members behave. They may not spend as much quality time together. This may cause a drift between parents and siblings and can often lead families to separate causing anxiety or conflict and a loss of communication and support as a family unit. Whether our family experiences have been positive or negative, they are a fundamental part of our lives. Essentially it is these experiences that impact us and influence us when we create our own families. Have you ever considered the way you were brought up and the kind of parents you had? Have you ever wondered how growing up in your family has influenced your parenting skills? These issues are often interrelated and are addressed during therapy, giving you a chance to examine your family history as well as your current issues.

Are you experiencing:

  • Family conflict
  • Separation or divorce
  • Challenges with parenting¬†
  • Communication difficulties
  • Difficulty bonding or relating to your child
  • Challenges when putting up boundaries
  • Violence
  • Grief or loss
  • Concern for a family member
  • Other issues

Would you like:

  • More clarification around the problems you are experiencing on an individual level as well as with your family
  • To understand how each persons role contributes to issues that are faced in the family unit
  • To explore how these issues may have evolved and how to overcome them
  • To learn how to communicate more effectively
  • To know how to deal with difficult life changing events such as separation or divorce
  • To create more harmony, peace and balance in your family unit