Chronic Pain Counselling

Chronic pain can cause anxiety, grief and depression in individuals. People with chronic pain often feel alone and misunderstood, and their quality of life can suffer due to pain and feeling down. This often leads to individuals feeling isolated, unmotivated and anti social. Self Care Counselling can assist clients in understanding the effects their illness has had in their life, offering support and treatment plans as well as helping clients re-discover who they are beyond their illness.

Consider these factors:

  • Have you been in an accident or obtained an injury
  • Are you experiencing chronic pain
  • Do you experience anxiety or depression
  • Are you needing support around managing your illness
  • Is chronic pain interfering with your quality of life
  • Has your condition caused challenges in your relationship
  • Are you experiencing grief from your condition
  • Is pain robbing you of the life you want

Would you like:

  • To have a better relationship with yourself and your illness
  • To regain your control over your life
  • To embrace your condition and understand the effects it may be having over your relationships and your life
  • To discover who you are beyond your illness