Eating Disorder & Body Image Counselling

We currently live in a society where image and beauty hold a lot of power and influence over individuals. Unfortunately these messages imply that perfection is needed in order to feel important, loved or wanted. This can have catastrophic effects on any adolescent, teenager or even adults living in this society. The repercussions of growing up with such messages can cause internal chaos and conflict and can sometimes lead to experiencing an identity crisis in some individuals. Constantly feeling unworthy and telling yourself mistaken truths such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not thin enough” can trigger anxiety and depression in individuals, which can perpetuate into further problems such as eating disorders. Self Care Counselling offers a safe, non-judgmental environment for clients to explore and make sense of their issues. Together the therapist and client will examine unrealistic expectations as well as the roots and causes of their disorder helping to restore harmony and balance back into the client’s life.

Consider the following:

  • Are you experiencing grief or loss
  • Do you experience anxiety or depression
  • Have you experienced a trauma in your life
  • Do you generally feel unhappy with yourself
  • Are you experiencing trouble in your relationships
  • Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food
  • Do you obsess over your weight
  • Do you have a tendency to over exercise
  • Are you always putting yourself down
  • Do you worry about what others may think of you
  • Do you feel like you are not good enough
  • Do others put pressure on you to look or be a certain way

Would you like:

  • A safe and non-judgmental space to acknowledge and understand your eating disorder
  • To regain control over your life
  • To feel better about yourself
  • To re-discover who you are
  • To turn your life around and make some positive changes
  • Support around managing and overcoming your eating disorder
  • To uncover the cause and roots of your disorder
  • To learn how to separate yourself from your disorder
  • A chance to explore unresolved issues and emotions
  • Living a more authentic life