Addiction Counselling

In the course of our life we may experience things that become life changing. We may react in certain ways that may be beyond our understanding. When we go through a life changing or traumatic event we may not have the chance to process our feelings and emotions, alternatively we may develop a habit to cope with our pain. This is called an addiction. Self Care Counselling provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for clients to explore their addiction as well as the cause. A crucial element in the therapy process is helping the client recognise that they are ‘not their addiction’, but in fact a person ‘with an addiction.’ There are many parts to all of us and therapy is about re-discovering those parts of you and regaining your life back regardless of your challenges. This kind of support can provide relief and clarity for many clients helping them to overcome their addiction.

Consider these factors:

  • Do you suffer from an addiction that is interfering with your quality of life
  • Are you experiencing trouble in your relationships
  • Do you experience anxiety or depression
  • Are you struggling with grief or loss
  • Have you experienced trauma
  • Are you trying to masque your pain with a substance that is harmful to you

Would you like:

  • A safe and non-judgmental space to acknowledge and understand your addiction
  • Support around managing and overcoming your addiction
  • To uncover the cause and roots of your addiction
  • To regain control over your life
  • To learn how to separate yourself from your addiction
  • To re-discover who you are
  • To turn your life around and make some changes for the better
  • A chance to explore unresolved issues and emotions
  • Living a more authentic life